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In effort to be a flagship organization and an example for all Chamber of Commerce Organizations to follow The South Summit Chamber of Commerce has an exciting new website under construction. Our goal is to fulfill EVERY WORD of our newly crafted Value Proposition (see below) and the tools that a state-of-the-art website provides are a key part of the delivery of promised services and communications of any strong corporation. Please review our Value Proposition and note that all of my personal contact information is below for your convenience in the event that you have any questions or wish to be part of a great Chamber of Commerce.




The South Summit Chamber of Commerce is a service and organization that assists client members in reducing their businesses operating expenses and increasing their businesses bottom line profitability, while concurrently helping companies to strategically manage the constant change that occurs as a natural result of business growth and the need to keep pace with the rapid technological innovations facing virtually every business.

The South Summit Chamber of Commerce additionally supports subordinate principles focused on engaging our communities greatest resource, our youth. This is done through programs that mentor and educate young professionals and high school students with regard to the business climate that they have stepped into, or will soon find themselves in upon graduation. The Chamber also funds and awards thousands of dollars in annual scholarships to students seeking assistance with postsecondary education.


The South Summit Chamber of Commerce is excited to serve you or answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to call me personally if I can be of any assistance to you ANY MANNER. We are here to serveā€¦

Respectful Regards and God Bless you and yours!


Tom Jackson Sr.
Chief Executive Officer
South Summit Chamber of Commerce
Cell: 234-521-8535


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